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0 thoughts on “Lusty fuck holes explorations

  1. I find that when I watch her stuff I try to be mature and calm about it and try not to think of her as incredibly fuckable just cause she doesn’t do porn anymore and idk why I just kinda realized that about myself

  2. Imagine you just convince your girlfriend to do porn with you and someday you get janice griffith to suck your dick

  3. The guy didn’t look "that" old but he was slack jawed and stoop shouldered as a yard ape.Gotta admit the ferocious cowgirl fucking he gave her at the10 minute mark should have had her cumming buckets but it didn’t seem to phase her. All you can expect when you fuck porn chicks I reckon.

  4. I like this clip because she does ALL the work. A word of advise. let his dick bounce off your throat and you will cut that 15 mins in half, or if you really like sucking dick, just put it all the way in your mouth and just suck.

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